Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still Around...

It's been a while and I have been meaning to blog, just haven't had the chance! Chris and I took the kids down to Brownsville to hang out with his brother Patrick, my sis in law Jen and my adorable nephew Anthony! We were supposed to hit S.Padre this weekend and enjoy some beachin' but it rained all weekend long! And I'm not bummed out at all! We had a BLAST! If you knew my sister in law Jen, then you would know we could not NOT have fun together! We are kindred spirits to say the least, I loved her instantly, we have similiar childhoods, similiar personalities (except she's way more organized than me!) , have experienced some serious heartache that we both relate too and our little cuties are only 6 weeks apart!

The weekend had some guy time at the bookstore and Starbucks, some girl time doing a little shopping, "Made of Honor" watchin' at the Dollar Theater (Loved it! WE both adore P.D, wink), I brought my facial steamer so we did some of that and some makeup chatting and playing, ummm...oh yeah HUGE BBQ dinner, UFC fight and oh, did I say talking? LOTS OF TALKING!!! Chris and I needed this weekend so much and it was such a great way to force me to relax, since it didn't feel like I was relaxing. I was having fun, Chris was having fun, the kids had a blast . . . it was GREAT!

I spent last week running around, finding swimsuits, hitting the Disney Store for a Princess Beach Bag, suit and matching water shoes. I packed up beach toys, towels, sunblock and so on but that's okay because we are heading on another vacation in August to a condo in N.Padre right on the bay and down the road from the beach, so now I have to go get some fishing poles for the kids, can't wait! :o) The condo belongs to a friend of Jay and Ruth's so it's FREE, pretty much . . . we'll hang out, cook food at the condo, get some sun and some use out of the stuff I bought for this weekend. My friend Carrie came up with this AWESOME idea and brought me a kit to do it before we went out of town and I didn't even get the chance! That's one of the things I was really bummed about. But at least I'll get to do it next month!

I had some great conversations with Jen about how amazing God is and how he brings people into our lives, some stay and some go, but the ones that are still here bring so much to my life and I am so amazed by how God works and how he speaks to me and takes care of my family. It was such a wonderful visit but I'm also so glad to be home. I look forward to jumping back into our routine of life!

That said, enough of the blogging, I have a TON to catch up on!!!! LOL

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Cindy said...

Glad that you had a great time! I'm happy you are home now though....we missed you guys this weekend. Hope Chris came home feeling relaxed and you got re-energized!