Friday, June 27, 2008

He's Got the Power!

"He's got the Power, everybody's talkin' bout his power!"

Yes, that is all that is in my head as I'm trying to wind down tonight. The theme song to our Power Lab Backyard Bible Adventure is stuck in there and I DON'T mind it at all. It's been a terrific week and watching all the kids perform (especially Adrianna, I can't believe how animated she is . . . I received so many compliments and I am a PROUD mommy indeed!) in front of their parents was the best of all!

I am so tired so this is going to be a quick one, just wanted to post the movie Chris and I made for our Family Fun Night tonight so moms and dads can have another look, or two. :o)

Thank you for such a GREAT week, everyone worked so hard!!! It was SUCH a pleasure working beside such amazing men and women, you all did a terrific job!


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