Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun, Cute Pics

My sister and I were sitting in front of the computer browsing old pics and here are a couple of really cute one that I LOVE. . .

Christopher 4mths
Adrianna and her friend Jason 7/06Easter 06

Nov 03

Easter Egg Hunt in Hutto 2005

How much life has changed for us since we first moved to Texas. There has been so many incredible things that have happened for us and to us. I know there was a reason that I couldn't explain that we NEEDED to move here . . . nobody understood it and in fact I didn't clearly know. I told my family in Florida that I was moving here since I became pregnant with Adrianna and Ruth just had a baby and all Chris's family was here so I wanted her to be around her cousins since I didn't grow up with that. It was a tough decision and I cried the entire drive in between throwing up with all day "morning sickness". That time seems like ages ago to me now.

I've been thinking alot this past week about life and where we are in the midst of it right now and I am just SO BLESSED!!! I have friends that I don't get to talk to often and it's okay, we are all moms with young children just trying to juggle life but I still adore them and cherish them all! I've made some friends that at one time we were super close but have grown apart and that's okay too, I cherish those memories as well. At one time, all I had was my family here, Chris's family, and they helped me feel loved and our relationships developed which helped me get to where I am right now. We may not spend as much time together as we once were able to but again, that's okay, we LOVE each other and relationships go through seasons . . . family, I TRUST and cherish and as time passes along, more friends become "like family" to me, trust is gained and love grows.

I love life, I love to give life, I love the gifts I have been given by God and just hope to fully know and understand my potential and use every one of those gifts I have been given!

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