Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wow! Almost a WEEK!

I cannot believe this week is flying by!!! We have our Backyard Bible Adventure this week at two different locations and it's been a busy week to say the least! I've spent my days cooking with the kids, taking care of the yard, steam cleaning bedrooms and rearranging mine, yet again! Staying home has been great, I've had a chance to get alot done and during naptime I've been preparing the lesson for each evening, it's been WONDERFUL!

Our group is mostly 5 year olds and listening to their responses to the Bible Stories has been uplifting! I am learning most of these for the first time too so the excitement in the room is definitely elevated. :o) I get to wear a lab coat, pretend that we are in a "Power Lab", do experiment demonstrations for all the kids, lead them into prayer and sing songs with them. I get to work with my friends and play with the kids, what can be better than that?! The other wonderful ladies I'm working with prep such cool crafts, games and "Test Tube Treats" . . . it's so much fun. This is definitely a different experience than VBS was last year, because I am able to be so involved, it's been a wonderful opportunity! Adrianna has a few friends she knows and has had the opportunity to meet more friends, some she will even start Kindergarten with. It's so neat!

God has led our family to an amazing place and I get so excited with the anticipation of what is to come. I am thankful I didn't let fear of the unknown or any reservations I had about Christianity hold me back. This is the life I've been waiting for. Friends, lots of activities, spiritual guidance, love, hope, faith, acceptance and all the opportunites that are before us!

I mean for goodness sake . . . I'M TEACHING THE BIBLE TO KIDS!!! Who EVER would have thought I'd be doing THAT? Not me. :o) But I LOVE it!

"God, thank you for this amazing opportunity. Thank you for keeping Chris and I so strong and so united to have been able to start this amazing journey we are taking our family on. We have experienced what it means to have faith in YOU, to have hope in what lies ahead, and to not only love each other, but to show our love to those around us. By doing that, we are showing them the love you have for us all! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach these beautiful children just a few of the amazing things that Jesus did for those around him and the love he has for each and every one of us. Please open their sweet little hearts up today to understand just why Jesus died on the cross and help me to explain that clearly enough for them to understand. Amen."

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