Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please don't go....don't goooooooo...don't go away!

Now as I sit here in post traumatic state, all I can sing in my head is that 80's song "Please Don't Go" by K.C. and The Sunshine Band. I was in the kitchen today when my sweet little Adrianna came running in with Christopher saying, Look at my bangs Mommy! Now instead of laughing at her self trimmed one inch haircut on the top and feathered back sides, I FREAKED OUT! Yes, I do mean freaked out, crying, yelling and all, I couldn't believe it! NOT THOSE BEAUTIFUL CURLS!!! I SWORE I'D NEVER CUT HER HAIR!!!!!!! I was completely out of control, nothing I could do so I cried. Please don't go! Not those curls, NOT SIX WEEKS BEFORE KINDERGARTEN STARTS -- I MADE HAIRBOWS FOR SCHOOL ------what do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

After talking with Chris and regaining some control and calming down, I went into her room, laid out a blanket and asked her to come sit down and talk. She brought Christopher over and sat down and cried because I yelled at her. I felt HORRIBLE, I felt like a BAD MOM, how could I yell at her like that?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sat down and held her, apologizing for my behavior, explaining that I was wrong and she of course hugged me telling me it was sweet little angel. I explained that people go to school to learn how to cut hair and all she had to do was ask me and I would take her. She explained the reason she decided to cut it. She saw a picture I put on the fridge of my new haircut I'm getting and said she wanted it too. She wanted to be like Grandma and cut Christopher's hair too. I told her all she had to do was ask me and I would take her to the salon. So we made a special trip out to a salon just for kids and they did the best they could to even it out. Adrianna was so happy when we left , she loves her hair short and well, let's say it's growing on me. She is the most beautiful little girl and I really need to just forget the dumb haircut thing! It's only hair for goodness sake!!!!!

I had the most traumatic haircut experience when I was in the third grade, my dad took my sister and I and we had MULLETS!!!! Or however you spell it! I was super made fun of and all I could think about was that when I saw her hair. The wonderful thing about our children is their resilience and their HUGE hearts. Admitting I was wrong, rectifying the situation, and making her feel good was all I had to do. I think I'm harder on myself than she could ever be. :o)

So, here they are . . . my short hair little girl and buzzed hair little boy.........huhhhhhhhh

Oh, yes and here is the evidence.... I bagged it up and plan on scrapbooking this day for sure!

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