Monday, August 4, 2008

Yesterday we had our service and it was a GOOD one! I asked my sister what she thinks of this kind of style, much different than any other service, that's for sure. Not like your typical loud wanna be rocker Christian Band things, not alot of over the top stuff, not focused on "give me your money" or anything like that (those were the things that especially turned Chris off). Resonate is "Simple". I don't know if that is a really good word to use, but I'm learning to appreciate simplicity. God wants the best for you. He wants you to love others. He wants you to give to others. He wants you to help others. He wants discipline and obedience. Those are all such "simple" things, but we like to make it seem so much more complex. I guess it's our nature.

Anyway, my sister said she likes the service style, they always make her cry. ME TOO!!!!!!! I am truly moved during our services and have been moved at other churches as well, BUT the difference is, I leave wanting, yearning to change and have people all around me, real people around me that help push forward, help and reach out constantly! I am proud to be part of RC, I am motivated and moved all the time, not just on the Sundays we meet, but EVERYDAY. If you can impact one person, that will be life changing, and not just for them, but for you. That's what it's all about.

So needless to say, I cried yesterday. I camped out on some stuff last night that "keeps me awake" and I was able to get some clarity and rest. And today? Well, I love Mondays, always a fresh start to a new week. Let's see how on "schedule" and "goal focused" I can be this week, LOL!

Enjoy your week!

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