Saturday, August 30, 2008

We made it through our FIRST WEEK!

Well, we officially made it through our first week of Kindergarten! And I can honestly say IT WAS EXHAUSTING! LOL But really, it was terrific! This is what I've always wanted. To be the mom, waking up at 5:15 showering and getting dressed in time to have some quiet time and savor my first cup of coffee for the day, then waking my sweet little angel up at 6:15, cooking breakfast and making her lunch while she eats, watching her get dressed in the clothes I laid out the night before for her then seeing her brush her teeth and wetting her hair with a spray bottle, putting a necklace on (so adorable!) while she lets me fix her hair for the day. We then go ahead and sit down at the table and work on reviewing her homework from the night before (mostly coloring her book she read in school. She colors while I wake my sleepy head little boy up, change his diaper and get his milk ready for the road. Adrianna grabs her lunchbox, gets her backpack ready and waits by the door for us to head on out. Precious, it's just precious!

I walked her to her class the first 3 days and then on day 4, it was official, she no longer wanted mommy "escorting" her to class, she wanted to go by herself. (sigh) And to top it off, she kissed me goodbye saying "Don't worry Mommy, I'll be okay", turned to walk into the building with her backpack on and never looked back to even wave at me!!!!! Oh, that was tough. I thought for sure my sweet, sensitive, quiet and shy little girl would have a difficult time adjusting but I've realized that Chris and I have equipped her with security and self confidence, that's why she has jumped right in with no fear. She is thriving in a group setting and I couldn't be happier. The excitement each day in her eyes over the friends she's made and the school work she's done is an absolute thrill for me. I only wish she poured it all out immediately when I picked her up each day, but she tells me about everything when SHE is ready, no dramatic tales as soon as I get her which I was looking forward to since that's the way I express things - - - ha! :o)

Each day, I put a little note in her lunchbox wrapped in pink ribbon telling her I love her and she got a kick out of it as I knew she would. Friday's lunch box had a pack of cookies as her end of week treat and she was so excited! I dropped her off yesterday and took Christopher over to Erika's for Peach French Toast and spent the morning chatting, coupon organizing and it was great! I then went home and baked Adrianna a cake to celebrate her first week. I was rushing and it didn't come out the way I would have liked it to. Mental note, "Make sure the cake is completely cool when applying homemade buttercream frosting , if you don't want it to melt that is." and also another note "Don't use the can frosting to pipe out words, unless you want to develop hand cramps and screw up the wording". But with all my imperfections of the cake, all Adrianna could say was, "Oh, that is beautiful mommy! Can I eat the whole thing like baby Kat did on her birthday?" :o)

I took her to a quick stop at Dollar General to pick out a toy right after school yesterday and she chose a Barbie, of course. She got happy faces every day this week from school so I told her it was a treat for her. Starting next week she'll be able to pick from a goody bag of items I'll pick up from Dollar Tree.

Here are some picture of her each day, this has been a week I'll never forget!




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Amanda said...

She is beautiful and you are one incredible Mom! You make EVERYTHING so special and you inspire me to do the same!