Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am truly blessed...

I have tried to write this post since I got back from my women's retreat but have not been able to put into words what this weekend meant for me. I have felt like no matter what I said I wouldn't be able to relay the emotional and spiritual weekend I had experienced with 6 amazing women. Not everyone was able to make the trip last weekend due to schedule conflict, infants, and other commitments, but I'll assure you that I will INSIST they come next time (hopefully again in the spring) and we WILL do a weekend getaway not just a Sat/Sun thing. :o)

I just wanted to share these two beautiful photos that my friend Carrie took while we were there. I've never been on a retreat before so this was a first but will definitely not be my last. Our retreat was based on the book Captivating and we focused on a woman's 3 desires. To be part of the great Adventure, Romance and Beauty. The girls did such a great job preparing the material, personalizing each of our little journals and tons of other little details that were WAY thoughtful. To see all the work that went into that weekend, showed just how much love they have for us all. We all have a desire to be connected, we all need to be able to trust other women, allow them in and have a piece of our hearts. This past weekend did that for me. We did some activities that allowed us each to have a glimpse into the deep places we don't all share with just anyone. Through their love and their fellowship, their talents, their laughter, and the quiet peace that sorrounded us during our quiet, free time, I felt so close to God and it brought me to tears.

Our gorgeous view at Camp Buckner
My beautiful friends . . .

Front: left to right, Carrie, Me, Erika, Jen
Back: left to right, Sammi, Melissa, Cindy

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