Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Used Curriculum Sale!

Earlier this month I was able to attend my first "Used Curriculum Sale" through my RRHome group.  When I pulled the kids out of PS in January, I was given lots of great advice from a friend on curriculum and sort of piece mealed the rest of the school year for Adrianna and Christopher together.  I learned so much about my children, their learning styles, their comfort levels, where they thrive and where they struggle over the past  5 months and could NOT wait to get started on next year's curriculum!!

Here was some of my loot for only less than $40 out of pocket!

Just like any beginning "teacher" I need to build up some educational "go to items" when they get bored or when I GET BORED and need to sprinkle in some supplemental stuff, especially for the summer!  I scored quite a few things for Sofia (can't believe she'll be 4 next month!) too at the sale which was awesome.  I'm set on what I plan on using for the kids in the fall and am holding back on purchasing some of it until after I attend a couple more of these sales over the summer.

Here's my plan.....

History, Science, Bible:  

Both Kids:                                                             

My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures

My friend Heidi, and possibly my friend Jill are both doing this with their kids at the same time so this will be SUCH fun in the fall!!  A sweet friend of mine did it last year and is selling me hers when she is through with it in the next few weeks! CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!  I just have to buy a few of the students sheets, passports, flag books, etc. but will end up paying half the cost of the Deluxe Package when all is said and done....SCORE!!!



Teaching Textbooks

We tried Math U See but she just didn't connect with it. She said the guy creeped her out on the video....ohhhhkayyyyyy.  She took the placement test and did some sample lessons which she seemed to like and kept wanting more so YEP, it's what we are going with for next year!


Math U See Beta

He started in January with Horizons, which is the same workbook style that they use in public school and he just seemed to not be able to "focus" on it.  I don't think it was "hands on" enough so we went with Math U See Primer and he LOVED it!  That said, we are obviously going to the next level.  I think with him not having as much PS influence he was more of a "clean slate" to start with this type of math which focuses more on "mastery" of each level before moving up.  I will most likely use if for Sofia as well.  I'm a fan!

Language Arts:


Easy Grammar:  She LOVED it and while I am NOT a Grammar Geek, I think she just might be! She whipped through the book, continuing to ask for more, which was a HUGE shock for me.  I am excited for her since she doesn't like to read, I didn't think any LA would be her thing. Happy to say I was wrong.

Soaring with Spelling: I used some online K12 lists this year and they worked fine but I'm ready for something a little more structured and challenging.  This girl is a GREAT speller!! She makes me so proud!

Daily 6 Trait Writing:  Thumbed through one of these and am going to try it this year!  I have the Geography book we used a bit this year and I liked it! We'll see!


Growing with Grammar and Soaring with Spelling: We tried First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind this year and it was too monotonous and slow for him and I both.  Neither of us were fans of it.  My friend Amy uses this and I LOVED the way it was laid out so we are giving it a go!

Handwriting Without Tears:  Suprise! Christopher HATES to write, LOL.  That sweet boy can't sit still for a minute and the stress of handwriting was weighing both of us down so I threw it out the window and finally let him do everything orally with me or typed on the computer.  We are working more on Geoboards, cutting and other fine motor skill work until next fall.  I heard GREAT things about this program and purchased it used for CHEAP so I don't have anything to lose! LOL

We will add back in our Composer Studies and Artist Studies as they line up with our MFW curriculum. too.

And I *think*...drumroll.........LATIN will be introduced this year!!!  I'm trying to find the *right* one at the *right* price!

Adrianna will continue with Piano lessons (she is a ROCKSTAR little pianist) and Christopher will also be joining her in the fall.

I haven't ironed out all the details and have learned one thing that my friend Amanda taught me.....when planning, use PENCIL.  The thing I am most proud of is how slow I've taken everything, started small and am building up as to what best fits our family, knowing and accepting it can all change just like that.  Oh and yes, I'm okay with that! HA!!!  This has been such a beautiful experience to walk through with my children, even the hard days, those days that break me down humble me, and show them how to reconcile, forgive, and move on.

I wish I did this sooner.

Best. Decision. I've. Made. To. Date.


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