Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adrianna's First Track Practice

"Now that I am a great runner, I can ride at least 6 miles without being tired and Daddy can train me to swim, I can totally do a triathlon and even a marathon" 
- Adrianna 10yrs old (right after her first track practice today)

Anna and Lulu

Little Rockstar Runners!
My baby girl has watched me running for the past few years and has always encouraged me, shown interest in an active lifestyle, but has been intimidated with it all, especially with having asthma.  I signed her up for Summer Track last year and after the first practice, we left with her crying because she was out of breath and thought she just couldn't "do it".  I didn't push her and set it aside.  Today, while my friend Martha was over, Adrianna went over to her (she is the fastest woman I know, a true *runner* goddess!) and asked if she could go with her and her daughter Lulu to their next practice which happened to be tonight.

These were some pics from her first practice. She came home PUMPED up and FULL of confidence and excitement in what she achieved tonight!  This meant SO much to me.  I am so so SO very proud of my girl!!    I can't wait to run with her!  Soon enough, she will only ask me to run with her on HER recovery days...LOL!

"Mom, I can't wait for Ms. Martha to pick me up. I am going to do great!"

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