Monday, May 6, 2013

I am NOT great at blogging on a regular schedule, obviously, BUT I try when I have extra time. Facebook is EASY, quick and easy so that is where I post most of my stuff to help encourage women, motivate moms, inspire others!  Yes, there are times when I act "bitchy", complain, rant and rave as well but I'm human!  And as I've discovered, those that do not want to see my "stuff" simply unfriend me and for that I THANK them.

My first and foremost focus is on my family, nurturing, educating, and loving THEM.  I learn so much via Facebook and the internet on ways to help do those things for them and I love to share those things with others too!  My God given gift is my ability to put it all out there, imperfections and all!  So, while I'm pretty good at putting my menu up each week (for easy future reference, LOL), I am going to attempt to get better at posting some more over here too!

Tip for today.....


Yeah, yeah, my hubby says "this taste nasty and there it has not been studied enough to know that it really works".  Oh HUSH Chris!  I am all for trying new things, especially if they are all natural so here we go on week 2 of Apple Cider vinegar , Local Raw Honey and Water. (notice I did say we, LOL)

I read this article and thought, "hey, why not?"  

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