Tuesday, October 8, 2013

13 *almost* PERFECT Years!

13 years of marriage.....longer than either of our parents made it, that alone is success!  Chris and I both come from broken homes, heartache and painful childhood memories, BUT we are making our *own* story, moment by moment, forgiving during the tough seasons, growing TOGETHER as ONE, and celebrating each year that passes by (often way too quickly!).

Life is busy, kids grow too fast, time FLIES, and while we do the best we can to be still in the moments, appreciate them while we can, marriage is still HARD.  It is a sacrifice, it is learning to love SELFLESSLY and GIVE without expecting anything in return.  We vowed 13 years ago to honor and cherish each other through it ALL and today I am every so grateful that in spite of the breakdowns, the temper tantrums, the frustrating/emotional moments (I'm talking about myself and not the kids, LOL), he is still here, loving and supporting me, NEVER walking away.  I thank God for him!!! 14 years ago Chris came into my life like a true night in shining armor and rescued me, no doubt. 

Today, I celebrate the love of my life.  He truly is my better half.  The LOVE given to me has QUADRUPLED since I met him over 14 years ago!  I never imagined the love I felt that was given to me would be x4 13 years later! We have a beautiful family together and while life is HARD, this family we made keeps me joy filled!

Thank you for the life you've given me Chris!!!!!
Happy Anniversary my Love!!!!

My DREAM come true!

We celebrated thanks to my sister in law and brother in law watching the kids on Saturday, and Chris's Marriott points!!!!  We went to what was THE most GORGEOUS resort we've been to so far (well, besides our honeymoon!) J.W. Marriott in San Antonio!  Dinner, coffee, snacks, a relaxing go around the lazy river over and over WITHOUT kids!!!!  I even snuck in a nap by the pool!!! The gorgeous weather held out for us, cold front came in that evening while we were having coffee!  It was PERFECT!!!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to MANY more anniversaries and am excited at the possibilities our future holds!!

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