Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 4 IN THE BAG!

The last three weeks of school have been great!  Well, let me rephrase that, with the meltdowns and "real life" stuff, we've had an AWESOME few weeks!  This is not an easy journey but fulfilling in ways words cannot describe!  We explored all the continents and oceans in Geography, moving right on to memorizing all 50 states!  The kids learned about different types of maps, all about the globe, animals all over the world and just SOAKED UP everything we learned about the US!  I am AMAZED at my little Geography nerds....LOVE it!

I'm really enjoying teaching My Father's World ECC and they are having a blast learning!  I supplement alot with FUN activities and skip over some of the stuff that I know won't interest them.  The JOY of homeschooling!

We've hit some bumps in math with Christopher but we are trying out something different for the next couple of weeks....we'll see how it works!  Seeing him super frustrated to the point of wanting to cry is NOT cool!  I am researching, seeking advice from fellow HS moms and teacher friends too!  THIS is my job!!  I fall more and more in love with it as time goes on!!

Here are some pics of the past few weeks...
After finishing our first week of studying the continents and oceans, we baked a world cake!

This was a surprise I came downstairs to one morning!

First Day of Fall.....crafts, pumpkin muffins and FALL books!

Nature Journals ready for some exploring!
Celebrating the First Day of October! Pumpkin English muffins for breakfast!
Candy Corn Math Drills
First Day of October fun!
Scarecrow Multiplication Drills
She still LOVES to work with flour!
Yay for October!
Fall Art on display

Just a snipit of the funny moments at The Auditore Schoolhouse! LOL
FUN U.S. Puzzle!
Finished our United States Study with cooking from our US Cookbook for Kids!
Adrianna made the pumpkin cake for us! LOVE my little baker!

Does it get ANY better than this????!!!!  Moving on to studying MEXICO next week!  So excited!!!

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