Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thank you God for Rainy Days!

There is something SO magical about the rain!  I don't say that because it hardly EVER rains here and we really do need the rain, I do love the rain for my yard but, I love it for SO many other reasons!!! 

cuddling on the couch with my lovies
reading a good book
watching an old movie
baking something
wearing cozy socks
fuzzy blankets
it's all so surreal!

I was sitting outside sipping my coffee looking over this week's lesson plan, writing my shopping list and thinking about a the menu for the week.  It's all very routine for me to do on Sundays, but today was a nice break in that routine because I was sitting alone in the rain. It was peaceful, it was beautiful!  I feel well rested and felt so inspired by a special friend this week, her words lingered in my mind...

You are a Warrior
You are Strong
You are Beautiful

and a little whisper from God during my morning prayer.....


A wonderful way to kick start my week! 

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