Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Screw the Menu Plan!!

Having a cast means very, VERY basic menus over here!!! I mean SERIOUSLY, I have type with ONE HAND!!!!!!  We relied on freezer and quick meals last week and are doing the same this week!

Chris made a couple trays of ziti for the freezer and I still have a couple of crockpot meals in there too, THANK GOD!! My friend Heidi dropped off dinner last night so between Halloween (Mummy Dogs for dinner) and Selena Gomez concert Friday night (staying in San Antonio for the night, YIPPEE!!!) I have NO PLANNING to do...YAY!!!

I'm trying VERY hard to keep a good attitude but I really feel like this on the inside!!!!

Only I could trip over my own two feet right at the END of my run and am STUCK like this for SIX weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carry on little warrior, carry on....

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