Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 Year in Review


As you know, I love social media but really want to have my highlights on my blog.  I am going to do a year in review, photo style and hope to start making a "Month in Review" post, highlighting memories on my blog starting 2/1, at least that's the plan,LOL!

As I scrolled through pics I was reminded what an AWESOME year it was.  While there are SO MANY things I loved about 2014, one of my favorites were seeing the kids excel in swimming, especially Anna finding her niche and watching her confidence grow! Another favorite was watching Christopher grow in the culinary department. That kid LOVES to cook, his favorite is making Mac and cheese! My favorite highlight for Sofia was her losing her first tooth!!! Oh, and one of my personal HURRAYS is that we met our goal of getting out and exploring more of the outdoor sights that Austin has to offer us! 

Enjoy the review, in random order since I'm trying to figure out this Blogger app for iPad!  I just want to get it posted, LOL!!!!

38th birthday with family and friends at Kobe, followed by my first hookah experience!

She loves physical fitness and completed her Teens in Training program.
Chris and I went to our first Painting with a Twist class together!

Sorry for weird angle shot,ha!

Family Mud Run with the Kimballs
Volunteering at Northwind Farms

First swim meet at Belton

Austin Aquarium 
14 year anniversary at The Elian in San Antonio

We said goodbye and HELLO again to one of our favorite families!

Fun at a local farm

The kids all want a farm, lol, not happening.....sorry kids!

Lake fun

Fifi and Avery at McKinney Falls

Anna got an iPhone!

Anna's first swim meet

This was their first Long Course swim meet in Corpus. They were thrilled to have Grandpa, Uncle Pat, and Anthony there!!

I'm officially a Swim Mom!

Amy's Ice Cream

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

We love Walnut Creek!

Blue Hole in Georgetown 

Christopher Cliff Jumping, oh geez

Annual Fiesta Texas Trip with Kimball girls


Fifi turned FIVE!

Got to hook up and catch a quick visit with my cousin Kevin and his fiancé Ashley, how has it been fourteen years since I saw him last? So happy to see them!

Cousins Beach Trip

Weekend getaway to J.W. Marriott, one of my favorite summer trips last year!

Monthly Girls Night Out

The Baby!!!!

We finally bought a new living room set!

My Weekly Shopping Buddy.

Sofia took her first swim lessons this year!

Christopher played a season of basketball and has turned into a HUGE bball fan, he's obsessed and has started collecting cards thanks to his best bud Carter.

Anna baked this for our anniversary , it was AWESOME!

Anna made the local paper, her costume ROCKED!

Christopher designed our classroom flag! Stripes for three kids and their favorite colors and a heart because I love them!

Yes, she made Nana's cake too!

Anna has admired Katie since she saw her on Facebook and found out she owned her own makeup business! She was obviously thrilled to take her trip to Florida with grandma for a week over Thanksgiving break and spend time with her in person. She got to meet all of Chris's cousins, aunts, and uncles on the Grieco side of the trip ever, she said!

We got to welcome back the Conleys from the D.R. (Well, almost all of them....hurry home Dean!) Christopher got his best friend back in Texas!!!!

Bob Bullock museum, kids were not impressed

Chef Christopher!

2014 cookie Swap

The BEST 3 gifts I have ever received!!!

There you have, 2014 ..... You were good to us!

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