Sunday, January 11, 2015

TWO YEAR Homeschoolversary!

"Homeschoolversary", ha! LOVE IT!!! I posted this TimeHop pic and my friend Jessica (she has been a GODSEND and exactly the HS friend I needed at exactly the right time) and she wished me a Happy Homeschoolversary. Another first for me, how COOL is life???? ALWAYS CHANGING, bringing so many surprises each and every year!!😊

Homeschooling looks so different than it did two years ago and we're all still alive AND happy......AHHHHHHHHMAZING, right? Some days are tough, but I have THE MOST supportive husband who not only gives me the space I need and trusts me to educate our children, but is my life coach too! I show him my schedule ( or should I say schedules, lol....meal plans,workout plans, school plans, personal goals....hahaha, poor guy), I talk to him about my crazy ideas and goals, and he always helps me get a clear perspective as well as giving into some of my crazy whims too!  He is my rock. We do " TEAM AUDITORE" very well, solidarity and also divide and conquer.  

Homeschool isn't just sitting at a desk, or taking field trips, it's a lifestyle and family unity and support is CRUCIAL. If it wasn't for Chris and my mom, I wouldn't be sitting here like this, full of peace and joy. Homeschooling is a gift, and I'm thankful to be able to do it! 


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