Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 1

Well since today is my first day writing this new blog, I will make it short and sweet. Chris is working today so I am trying to get both kids ready for Church, make Spaghetti Sauce, vacuum up the cheerios and whole cup of Splenda that was mysteriously spilled in the living room, and get out the door!

Today is a great day! I am going to church (Lifepoint, one of our sponsor churches) to support a friend who is singing for the first time there (she's going to be the Worship Leader at our Church) and am SO excited that our Pastor is going to have a few minutes up there to tell everyone about the movement we are involved in. And to top it off, a great new friend of mine and her adorable little girls are coming too! After church everyone is coming over here to have some meatball subs while the kids play outside in the pool.

This is what Sunday mornings are all about, yes they are hectic, but tonight when I cuddle up to Chris on the couch I will feel fulfilled! We will drink a glass of wine and talk about the past week and our plans for the next one. My heart is so full today, even though my body is tired, my heart and spirit are in high gear! That's what helps me keep on going like I do.

Sit back and listen to a little Bocelli...

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