Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sometimes I sit and wonder what I'm called on this earth to do? What is my purpose? Sure I know I'm a wife and a mother and those are the most important responsibilities in my life! But that is my comfort zone, that is where I am most comfortable and feel the most secure and safe in. Of course each day brings new challenges, as spouses and parents we ALL know that! I've always known I wanted to be a wife and mother, but that wasn't all I wanted.

It can be so overwhelming at times being home with kids, and you can get so consumed by VERY unimportant things which results in losing focus. Well, "I'm a great mom even though I have bad days." and "I'm a loving wife despite any challenges and ups and downs that you go through in marriage". . . while those are truths in my life and in the lives of many women I know . . . that isn't it, that isn't all what it's about!

Being a wife and mother, and friend, those are only small parts of our entire being. If you think about us as humans and how amazingly we were created, well it makes you definitely want to step up a little. The more you experience and the more you achieve, the more powerful and stronger you feel and become. I was having my morning coffee and chat with my sister in law which is always one of my favorite ways to start my day and we got to talking about exercising and depression. She was telling me how "Dr. Laura" said once that when she diagnoses a patient as clinically depressed, the first thing she recommends is a strict exercise program. After I hung up the phone I got curious and wanted to read more...this is one thing I found

The brain chemical serotonin:
Serotonin is an important brain chemical (neurotransmitter) that contributes to a range of functions, including sleep and wake cycles, libido, appetite and mood. Serotonin has been linked to depression.

Some researchers have found that regular exercise, and the increase in physical fitness that results, alters serotonin levels in the brain and leads to improved mood and feelings of wellbeing. Some research indicates that regular exercise boosts body temperature, which may ease depression by influencing the brain chemicals.

Now I think we all pretty much know this and those of us who go up and down, back and forth on the exercise kick (like I always do!), know how good it feels when we work out and get physical but I always like to see a definition, it just enforces it for me! This post isn't a "Rah-Rah, go workout, you'll accomplish SO much more!" post, because the reality is that exercising doesn't create the miracle of achievement in all areas of you life. BUT, getting exercise, no matter whether it's the gym, swimming or going for a walk with the kids, it gets you OUT OF THE HOUSE and reminds you there is so much out there for us to do and get involved in. And knowing that when you do get some exercise, there is not only a physical thing happening but a chemical one too so take advantage of that, use that! Exercise makes you feel good, so of course when you feel good you want to do good things. That of course leads to feeling that great sense of achievement, and that sets the momentum going...feel good, achieve, feel good, achieve more...and so on.

Okay so as usual I'm getting off track here...I guess what I was trying to say at the beginning was just that I know there is so much more out there for me to do and for me to be. This past year of my life has really been a year of "coming into my own" for me. I feel stronger than I ever have, I feel loved more than I ever have, and I feel inspired in more ways than I can count. I have things coming into and being part of my life from all different directions - - - from the mom's club that I'm an assistant organizer for, to the Police Chief and the things he's involved in, the Zambia project our church and city now is being part of, doing graphics design work (which I NEVER thought I'd EVER do),being on the Social Committee for our HOA, sewing, baking, making more and more things using my own two hands instead of a piece of plastic to buy it with, having more friends than ever, and the list could really go on.....

So what's my point? Well it was a year ago this month that I met Kyle and Erika and they have become our closest friends outside of our family . . . now is all this life change over the past year, our friendship with them, our involvement in Resonate Community Church all just coincidence? I think not!

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