Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friendships . . .

I realized something yesterday while sitting alone in the waiting room with Adrianna waiting for one of my closest friends to deliver her 2nd baby girl . . . JUST HOW FORTUNATE I AM TO HAVE THE FRIENDS I DO.

Friendships are funny, relationships in general are funny. You can have a "friend" for years and not really even know them. At the same time, you can have a friend for months and know more about them than anyone else does. "CONNECTION" : that's really what it is. How you connect to one another, what each of you bring to one another's lives. I have learned alot living here in Texas for the past 5 years. I went from my mid 20's to starting my 30's here, from no children to two amazing babies, from having a husband that I loved so very much to now having a husband that I ADMIRE,RESPECT & ADORE more than ever, from having no friends or established relationships to having a handful of people I truly love like my own family. I NEVER thought 5 years ago as I sat in my new apartment crying and missing my friends that I worked on knowing and loving while I lived in Florida, that I would have people in my life that seem like they've always been there!

Yesterday made me realize how AMAZING life is...seeing a new life start literally from day 1 and the innocence in that touched me in a way that I cannot put into words. I hugged and kissed my sweet friend goodbye and felt nothing but LOVE. That's one thing I adore about her...I NEVER feel anything but love from her. She is one of those people who does nothing but give! When I met her a year ago she reminded me of my very best friend in Florida . . . her heart is pure, her words are genuine and she inspires me to be better, to grow, she is an encourager and a supporter. To be honest I have only met but two other people (besides Chris) who are the closest in my heart to me, one I talk to almost every morning and the other I rarely get the chance to talk to but it doesn't matter because she has a big chunk of my heart and we both know the love that we share as friends and nothing can change it.

What amazes me is that in almost the time it takes from conception to birth of a new child, I have found and grown a solid friendship. I am so thankful for the place I am today, the direction my life is going in, the new friendships I've developed and are continuing to develop, my growing relationship and discovery of God and all the amazing stuff that goes with that, that I am overflowing with JOY!

So thank you to ALL of my friends, old and new . . . EACH of you bring such happiness to my heart and joy to my soul!



Christina said...

Hi. I've been lurking on your blog for a while. I read Amanda's blog so that's how I got connected with yours.

Just wanted to say that I love reading your thoughts and this post was awesome! :-)

Amanda said...

This was beautiful Gina. You are an excellent writer! I am so happy and so blessed to have someone like you in my life. I don't think you realize how blessed WE all are to have you. YOU ARE A LIFE CHANGER!

I love you dearly my friend and I pray that God continues to grow our friendship.