Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Empty Pot ?!?!?!?!?

OH NO! My coffee pot was brewing away BUT nothing was dripping into the pot!!!! Gina without a coffee pot is like, well, let's just say it's NOT GOOD! Chris tried everything to get it working, googled a ton and tried it all, but it's just not working! The poor thing was just overworked and was unable to give any more. :)

As I sat this morning with my instant coffee (Thank God for that backup!), I was thinking about giving. My coffee pot gave every single day, sometimes two or three times a day. BUT, since we downsized our bills to try to fit into a better budget and got rid of the water softener, well I never cleaned it out. I didn't freshen it up with some vinegar, remove the hard water and minerals or anything! My coffee was tasting very acidic this past week, trying to tell me to CLEAN IT, take care of it, but I didn't hear! If you nurture and take care of something, put IN, then you will of course get something out in return, even something as trivial and simple to some as coffee. I related this to friendships, marriage and family.

To have a successful marriage, you have to give. By giving and submitting, you will receive in abundance. In family, if you give and give, you KNOW it'll come right back around when you are in need and there are no weird feelings about asking. And with friendships, new friendships, long term friendships, pretty much any type at whatever level it may be at, you have to GIVE. I've had friendships that were deep instantly, fun and loving, but saw the results of what happens when all you do is give not asking for anything in return, but feeling sort of empty and drained with nothing left to pour out when the other person doesn't reciprocate and pour back into the friendship.

So I guess my thought of the day is to just make sure you are "pouring in" as much as you can to your marriage, your family and your friends if you want those relationships to grow and be as healthy and happy as possible!

Nothing worse than setting the "Pot" out at the curb with the garbage on Trash Day!
Very sad day....

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