Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FINALLY, an Orange Santa group photo..

Sorry it's taken so long! This past month and a half has been nuts! Here is a group shot of some of the volunteers with our church, our community, the Police Dept. and the Fire Dept. The outpoor of generosity from our community was simply amazing! We were able to help over 70 families and over 200 children here in Hutto have a very Merry Christmas. I still get the chills as I type this and reflect on those last couple of weeks before Christmas. It all came and went so fast!

We raised money through 2 main fundraisers. One was Olde Tyme Christmas in Hutto which is where we set up a booth for photos with Santa and had volunteers that are involved with Resonate as well as 5-6 students from Hutto High School too. It was freezing and I was completely amazed with those teenagers and their sweet little hearts! We also partnered with McDonald's and did photos with Santa there too! We created and sent out flyers to all the schools in Hutto announcing the event and had a terrific turnout! Once again, the willingness to be part of this and help from the volunteers, McDonalds employees and managers was just GREAT! We also set up donation jars at local restaurants, stores, and businesses, and had teams of volunteers calling and visiting local businesses picking up donations too. It was a hard year for many people, but they still were able to give somehow . . . again, totally amazing! Our team also split up sharing the responsiblity of picking up at the different drop off locations, refreshing Orange Santa applications at the schools and never mind the shopping for gifts, all day and night wrapping, baking treats, ordering pizzas . . . the outpoor was so WONDERFUL! People volunteered that aren't members of Resonate but just wanted to invest and be part of such a great community event. It was so refreshing, and almost like a dream come true for me, the whole experience.

I didn't grow up in a family that was involved in our schools and community. I had friends whose parents were like that and always promised myself that when I became a wife and mother, that would be me. I would be part of a community, make my children proud to have a mom that knows what's going on around us, a mom that has a presence in the schools and community events, and a mom that can set an example of giving outside of just your family.

And to put it simply, Resonate has provided the avenue to help me make that happen.

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