Thursday, January 3, 2008


Yes, that's friends are throwing me a "SLUMBER PARTY" for mommies only!! NO KIDS ALLOWED, LOL!

I can't believe they arranged this for tomorrow night to celebrate my birthday! We will be snacking, sipping on Strawberry Bellinis, watching Chick Flicks, maybe doing a little Dance Revolution, painting our nails and anything else our hearts desire!

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! We are all showing up at Erika's in our pj's ready to gab, snack and be goofy! The Daddy's are flying solo tomorrow night. Erika is even making Kyle and Kylie go out for a sleepover away from the house for the night, LOL!

I feel like a teenager instead of a "Thirty-Something" year old woman . . . it's GREAT and you know I'm laughing as I type this. Tomorrow is the start of a birthday weekend for me. Saturday will be dinner with my husband and Sunday will be spent having cake with the family, since that's my actual birthday. How lucky am I to have a "Birthday Weekend"?!?!?!

On an entirely different note, I am going to start blogging next week about some amazing recipes I am experimenting with for the kids from Jessica Seinfeld's book "Deceptively Delicious" and they are WORKING! The kids still get served their side of whatever veggie we are eating but little do they know their mac & cheese has pureed cauliflower and sweet potato in there too! HA! I haven't pureed this many veggies since Adrianna was born! Lord knows I didn't make babyfood for baby number 2. He hated pureed food anyway, little stinker. He's my picky one unfortunately!!! My Magic Bullet from Santa is hard at work this week and I will start of by saying it's a MUST HAVE!!! LOVE IT!


Cindy said...

Tonight is going to be so much fun!!!! I can't wait! I'm looking forward to seeing your blogs about your recipes. I need to borrow that book from you to make some copies if you don't end up posting the recipes online. Peyton doesn't eat ANY veggies so I need that help and I'm glad that it is working for you!

Sonya Terrell said...

Happy Birthday!!