Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Princess Party ! (of course)

I have about one week left to prepare for my little princess's 5TH BIRTHDAY! I cannot believe she's going to be five in a week! Time goes by so fast, even more so when you have two instead of just one, that's for sure. I asked Adrianna what she wanted to do for her party and she of course said she wanted a Disney Princess party. There have been many variations on the exact "theme" over the last couple months but I've decided to keep it simple. Decorate the living room like a ballroom, have the breakfast area decorated with tulle, tons of pink and purple and balloons! I took a bunch of pictures from our Disney trip of her with each of the princesses and uploaded them to Walmart and had a 16x20 collage poster done for $12 and it came out GREAT! Her closest friends (girlfriends) are coming over dressed up as their favorite princess and well the rest hasn't been fully ironed out yet. I know we'll be playing a "Kiss the Frog Prince" game blindfolded trying to put the lips sticker on the frog but that's all I have set in stone right now. There will be royal music playing in the background, a backsplash for each princess to have her photo taken with the royal princess which I'll print and use with my thank you cards, and CHRIS AND I ARE DRESSING UP TOO! Yup, the King and Queen of course! :) It's going to be a ball! Literally....LOL

I have pictures of her from each of her parties that will be framed around the table, I may make a canvas or two for the occassion and give them as gifts (not sure about timing for that one though), and whatever else my fairytale mind can come up with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a little girl! And I really am looking equally forward to Christopher's upcoming Elmo 2nd Birthday party too in April, I promise.

Now back to reality, I'M WAS STRESSED THIS MORNING! :) I love party planning, I love creating my own invitations, I'd love to bake my own cake (but I'm not!), and I love to be busy! But this morning when I woke up I was stressed! So instead of dwelling on it, I made my chore list, my bill list, my extracurricular list and spent the ENTIRE day all in our pj's rearranging Adrianna's room. Gotta love personalities like mine! To de-stress I have to have a task at hand, a physical task and now I LOVE the way her room looks, have the house clean, kids fed, we just came back from a walk and I get to blog while they watch Sesame Street. I did NOT think my day was going to turn out like this because my attitude was CRAP when I woke up that's for sure.

But you really are the one who can change your entire day. Focus outward and all the "junk" that was bothering you inside just disappears. We had an incredible Church meeting last night and that's one of the things we talked a ton about, just giving yourself, like Jesus did. When I pour out, I am filled right back up. I'm amazed at how that happens, and I've seen it happen now time and time again so I just hope to get better about letting go of that selfishness we all have! I know it takes time and I look so forward to the future, especially with where we are going as a church! Our Preview Party will be at the end of March and everything else that's coming after that is just INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait and I get so excited to be witness to seeing God work, not just on me, my husband and children, but in the lives of all the people we are connected with. We really are living a community life, no doubt about that!

I am blessed,
beyond measure . . .

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