Saturday, February 16, 2008

Congratulations to Our " Lil Horn " !!!

Well, it's official!!! We went with Adrianna to Hutto's 1st Girl's Softball Opening Ceremonies today! How exciting it was to see all the moms, dads, and children at the Hutto High School eating some good chopped bbq sandwiches, laughing and anticipating the Team and Coach Announcements! We had Grandma with us for the special occassion and hung out with my friend Cat and her daughter hoping we were on the same team, but we weren't. Of course there are two girls teams and we are on opposing sides, LOL! With two strong personailites like ours, it's probably better that way! HA! At least we won't fight to be Team Mom! :)

Chris and I ordered our TShirts and he can't wait to go get her mitt with her tomorrow at Academy as well as her cleats. Of both teams, OF COURSE she had to get stuck on the team Lil Horns and have a burnt orange, white & black uniform! Man I have to get used to the whole burnt orange thing! You know I was hoping for the red & black team colors that the other team has, oh well! She's going to look absolutely adorable in her uniform no matter what the color is!!!!! Watching her walk up on stage to meet her team members and Coach Stacie was so exciting, I almost wanted to cry. Chris was so happy too of course, especially since baseball is his number one sport over all! He's ready to start practicing with her right now! :)

So ladies, looks like it's time to get creative! Time to stock up on the burnt orange ribbon, laces, and anything else we may need!

so cute...

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