Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a Night!

Well it's going on 1:30 am and my girlfriends just left!! Yup, that's right we hung out LATE! Aren't we a bunch of wild mammas?! Playing Cranium, talking about childbirth, embarassing moments with our children, vaccinations, being mothers, our husbands (good of course) and everything else, just like a bunch of girls....WOW that was fun! Never mind that my friend Adrienne brought over one of her best friends Ann who I am instantly loving! She is a great lady who has two children, one with Autism and the stuff I learned tonight was just amazing! We had some great conversations over wine, coffee, margaritas, diet coke and lots of sweets! My "Sock it to Me" cake fell apart when I was transferring it, but no big deal, it still tasted okay and my Cheesecake Fudge Cupcakes were a hit thank goodness. But I must admit, my favorite was Cindy's DELICIOUS scones with some sort of yummy lemon icing, WOW! (What a great thing to pair with some coffee..oooh!) I kept one for breakfast in the morning, screw the diet! :) We had queso of course for the "salty ladies" and it balanced Carries Peanut Butter Cup Cookies quite nicely!

Wow! This is the stuff I am talking about when I mention "Community"! Slowly, our small group is growing, meeting and befriending new people who bring so much to my life it's simply amazing! Each time I meet someone new I feel "renewed" , if that makes any sense. It's great to meet more and more people each with something unique to bring to the table. I so appreciate all these new strengths, personalities and insight. How wonderful it is to be watching this happen before my own eyes and experiencing/sharing it daily.

It's just so great! Adrianna and Chris went to see "The Enchanted" for their little "Special Night" since my game night started at 8 and Christopher was already asleep. She came home and said hello to everyone in her shy little way, hiding behind my back and asked if she could take a cupcake in my room with her and daddy while I play with my friends..... TOO PRECIOUS! I LOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL!

I am so wound up from such an invigorating night and it's so funny for all of us ladies to look over at the clock and see it was AFTER 1:00 AM!!! WHAT ARE WE 20 AND SINGLE?!?!?!? LOL I'm sure we'll pay for it in the morning, unless our sweet husbands continue to be angels and get things started in the morning....Hey Chris...there's plenty of sweets left over for you so LET ME SLEEP! LOL


Erika Sears said...

Thanks for having us over, Gina! That was a ton of fun. When Kat was ready to get up this morning, I mumbled to Kyle that I didn't get in until 1:30, and he got up and took care of everything until I woke up just a little bit ago. What a great hubbie!:)

On the Journey to Victory said...

Hello! (Not sure how I found your blog, but hello :)!)

Girls night is so much fun. :) Having understanding husbands is even better. It sounds like you have some great friends and are creating some great new ones. I have had similar experiences, but things have been to busy here and this reminded me of how much I miss game night. I need to plan that soon.
I hope you got some extra sleep! :)