Friday, February 22, 2008

Deals of the Day!

First off, I have to thank my friend Heather for taking the time during our playdate to explain in detail the way to work the CVS and Randalls system to not only save money, but to MAKE MONEY! ;o)

So, here are my two deals of the day....

CVS DEAL: (Make sure you have an ExtraCare Card)

Went to CVS, purchased 3 packs of size 5 Huggies (90diapers) and a wipes refill package (160wipes), used my Huggies coupons for $.75 off each pkge of diapers and $.75 off the wipes...

$8.99 each pack of diapers ~ $26.97- $2.25 in man.coups ~ $24.72
$4.99 Wipes - $.75 ~$4.24

CVS total - - - about $29.00 BUT I also earned $15 in ECB's! So really I only paid about $15.00! Now that I've started to build my Extra Care Bucks, I will go into CVS to ONLY buy things with those ECB'S that are part of the ECB promotion to earn more. Every week, they list the items in their flyer. If you are interested in reading more about ECBing...visit this thread...


Okay, now this one is great for stockpiling your pantry. I don't intend on going there for any other reason since it's SO overpriced! But, it's right down the road from me and is across the street from CVS AND has a Starbucks inside, SO it's a win win for me! :)

Purchase 25 qualifying items and receive $20 in a printout coupon which you'll receive with your grocery receipt. This $20 can be used for groceries or GAS! You need to have a Randalls card in order to make out on this deal. Super easy, just like the CVS card.

Today I purchased:

10 boxes of Rice a Roni (they have Whole Grain, yummy!) 10 for $10 deal
10 boxes of Pasta Roni (great for lunch for kids!) 10 for $10 deal
4 boxes of Fruit Rollups ( stackers, gushers, fruit snacks, many diff types) 4 for $5.00
1 can of Italian Style Diced Tomatoes 10 for $10 deal but just got one to make my 25 items

Total $26, got back $20 in a coupon.

Went back into Randalls after unloading the groceries and getting a SBucks to do it again.

Bought some more R-a-R, lots of Crushed Tomatoes (all on sale for $1 each), and some more items that are part of the deal (there are over 2,000 items that qualify, but I tried sticking to the cheaper ones that were like 10for$10 or 4for$5) to bring it to $25 items and using my $20 off coupon I spent $5! AND received $10 free coupon printed with my receipt! I left and used the $10 for gas before heading home.

Grocery and Gas Total : $60
Minus coupons/GC's - $30


Pretty good deals today and now I don't have to buy any of my side carbs for dinner for a LONG time! :) Now if I had some Man coupons, that would have made the deal even sweeter!

Here is the Randalls forum if you want to read up, oh and I know the sister company is called Safeway for some of you that have those instead of Randalls....


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