Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Angel!

Taking you home from the hospital. . . new parents,scared to death!
Your FIRST Princess Party at Uncle Jay and Aunt Ruth's House . . .

You've been a "Cake Lover" from the beginning!

"TOO LOUD", you've always been so sweet and soft spoken!
You're 2nd Birthday at The Little Gym. . . (yes I still made you wear a dress even to go tumbling!)

Ready for your 3rd Birthday at McDonald's!
We did a Puppy Dog theme. . . this jump started your LOVE FOR PUPPIES!

Your 4th Birthday Party at Gattiland, now you can actually ride the Bumper Cars my long lean little doll! You love those cars and Mommy does too!


Today will be celebrated by having pizza and getting all "dolled" up to go to the Daddy Daughter Dance with your daddy! All of your friends and their daddys are going too and then you are all going out for ICE CREAM!! Mommy and her friends are going to transform our kitchen and living room into a ballroom, create your Belle doll cake along with baking cupcakes and heart & star cookies. I'M SO EXCITED!

I live and breathe for you, your brother and your daddy!


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