Monday, February 25, 2008

Now that's a D-E-A-L!!!

I got an INCREDIBLE deal today!!! First let me start off with a little history....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bargain shop! I'm not just talking sales, coupon stacking and basic stuff like that, I'm talking "hunting"! I love thrift stores and always have! My sister and mom always thought I was nuts, even when I first started in kindergarten going to a neighbor's garage sale! Mom never understood why someone would buy another person's "trash" - - - but you know the old saying! :) Even as a teenager, yes I loved to hang out at the mall and LOVED to blow my paychecks from working at "Athletic Attic" on clothes. I swear I would get my check and spend it in the same day without even leaving the mall, LOL! I loved to shop at The Gap and Express, those were pretty much the best stores we had in our crappy mall! But, my favorite places were stores like TJMaxx, Ross, Marshalls, etc... Then I discovered Plato's Closet! Nothing better than second hand, broken in jeans ...oh I loved it!!! That is when I got hooked on second hand stuff and decided to search for more stores! This all revolved into going to my FAVORITE hunting ground....Goodwill! I swear, I find the BEST deals there! So instead of boring you with more history...check this out!!!

I went in there with a half hour to kill before Adrianna's Softball-TBall practice and got the following STEALS!!!!!

The best deal . . . Lucky Brand Jeans! LOVE THEM! THEY FIT LIKE A GLOVE! Oh and how much????? No, not $110 like you would pay retail, BUT TRY OH, UHMMM 8 BUCKS!!!!


Then I also got a GREAT pair of low rise, slim leg Gap Jeans, a Juicy Couture Peace Sign Baby Tee and a VERY cute baby tee from American Eagle, all for....hmmmmm... $22.00 +tax!!

You can't tell me there is anything better than that!
Oh I'm on a "I got a deal High" right now! :)

So if you're like me, a mamma who loves stylish clothes, but have a stay at home mommy budget . . . GET YOUR BUTT IN THOSE THRIFT SHOPS!!! It takes time and it's hit or miss, but boy that is the one area that I have patience, go figure!

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