Tuesday, March 4, 2008

555 Deal

I saw this on one of my new blogging buds Betty and was excited to see a way to connect daily with God with the type of schedule that I carry! :) I think this is very manageable and can be a great tool for ANYONE, Christian or not, whether you are new to religion or have had it as part of your life your entire life, or if you just need a little 15 minutes of quiet time to recenter which is what this does for me. I don't use the spiritual talk that many people do, I just know that when I spend a little time each day it just makes me feel GOOD. It makes me want to be nice, do nice things and I just feel stronger. I can't explain it any other way. :o)

So here is what the 555 Deal is....

5 minutes listening to GOD (Reading the Bible),
5 minutes talking to GOD (Praying), and
5 minutes reading some type of devotional material ( have to ask my Pastor Kyle about that, not sure what exactly "devotional material" is...so I'll get back to you on that or if you have suggestions please let me know.)

And that's it, very easy, very simple. Trust me, it makes everything else just seam a little bit easier as the day develops.

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