Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yes, I'm still here! We had a sick household all week! And I officially lost my voice last night!! I felt it going in and out and getting hoarse, but of course I couldn't stop talking! LOL We hung out at Jay and Ruth's last night so FOR SURE I was talking ALL NIGHT! By 10:00 it was gone so I was ready to go home. ;o)

I haven't been blogging basically because I have a ton of stuff to share and really can't get my thoughts together clearly enough to put it down in writing! Chris and I went to "Basic Training" for Church Planters last weekend with some of our team and it was SO insightful and encouraging for me. It's the second time I've been and WOW how much we, as a team, have grown. The last time we went, the feelings and ideas were all over the place, in my opinion, but THIS time, it was crystal clear what our mission is and to see the progress since last time was great! Our team is made up of different people with different religious backgrounds, but ALL with shared values and the biggest of them all are "serving" , "family" , and "love". And for the first time since we joined in Resonate's mission, I feel like EVERYONE on our team shares those values. There is so much to talk about in the upcoming months from our Preview Party next Saturday, to monthly services next month, involvement in working with the Round Rock Serving Center, being part of our Adopt-a-Cop program, Relay for Life, and lots of other things too! We are going to be having a monthly Mom Time, Family Day, rotating Guys Night and Girls Night, some of the other moms in the group are developing a children's program which is going to be AWESOME, and I can truly go on and on. I am so excited and WAY motivated in the place we are today and the direction we are heading in!

Each member of our team is involved in weekly "Coaching" with Kyle and Erika and last weeks "session" (I swear it reminds me of the therapy I went through as a teen/young adult except more God centered) and that has done more for me than ANYTHING else! I've been camping out all week on Psalms 139 and that is where I've been focused. I started a private blog to journal my thoughts and feelings while reading, sort of a "prayer journal" I guess and THAT is where I feel that God has wanted me to focus this week and it's been ever so fruitful! ;o)

This week has been wonderful, even with a house of sick kids and sick mommy! I had a friend bring over dinner (she's always SO good at doing stuff like this, LOVE her heart!) which we had for 2 days and I've played a ton of Zingo and Great States Junior, Adrianna's new favorites! I also spent alot of time playing with puzzles and Little People with Christopher and "playing" is what I LOVE TO DO! I think God wanted me to focus on my family this week, show me how lucky I am to have them and have a husband who rushes home to be with his family, works SO hard to give us everything he can and who chose a job taking a financial cut just so he can be with US, that is our #1 value and I am so greatful for that!

So, today I am starting off with no voice, we are about to begin our laminate flooring (our first real remodeling job, God help us!) and then we begin the countdown to PREVIEW PARTY!

Have a great week!


Sabrina said...

It's so weird to think of you not being able to speak!! I bet your presence still fills a room with energy though. I hope you feel better and back to normal soon.

Sonya Terrell said...

It's good to hear from you again! Sorry to hear everyone has been sick and I hope you all get better soon.

You are very blessed to be working alongside Kyle and Erika!