Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marisposa, Popcorn, Tea Party, and an Evening Stroll

Last night was so much fun! We babysat Adrianna's "Best Friend" (those are her words completely) Kylie and it was so great. I've had a stressful week this week and it was a nice break and mindshift hanging out with two of my favorite little girls.

Our Evening Included....

We had Crescent Roll Chicken (one of my favorite recipes made by Erika at one of our first dinners at their house).

Cleaned up our plates and played outside for a bit.

Then inevitably came "dress up time"! They are just so adorable! They brought some life size Disney Princesses to the dinner table and had a little Tea Party. Adrianna sang the "Working Song" from the movie "Enchanted" and set it all up for her princesses which included Kylie who sat just so perfectly still waiting for her tea to be served! :)
The 2 Princesses and I took Scooter out for a walk, or as we called it "A Royal Stroll". They were so excited because it was dark out, and Adrianna kept saying we were out because they are BIG girls, and it was so "Lovely" (Kylie's words)! We talked about the endless sky and all the numerous stars, even made a wish on a star....

Then we came in, changed into some princess nightgowns and slippers, had ice cream and set up a big sleeping bag and pillows on Adrianna's floor. I made some popcorn for them for their "Movie Time". Choice of the evening? Barbie as Mariposa, of course! LOL

Here they are and I was amazed that they laid there the entire time and watched the movie! That's a first!

I love Pretend Play! It was so relaxing for me last night, especially since they were both so well behaved and actually did NOT fight like sisters, which usually happens if you give them long enough together. :) That was a great way for me to end the week and start our weekend. Chris has had a long work week and he is working today. :( We will be heading to T-Ball practice this morning and running right to a birthday party straight from practice, so our day will be full! I can't wait to see our friends today, it's been a long week without them! We've had alot of "home stuff" to do this week so we haven't had any playdates since Monday and Mommy hasn't had a "Playdate" since Tuesday night . . . busy week of house chores, FUN! NOT! :)

Have a great weekend!

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On the Journey to Victory said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. I hope you have a great weekend.