Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend!

I swear, we LOVE to celebrate! If we can turn one day into a weekend, we ALWAYS do! Especially for birthdays, we love not just the "birthday" but the "birthday weekend"!!! LOL We had a GREAT weekend! The Preview Party went even better than expected. I met some really sweet ladies, one that actually lives around the corner from me! It's crazy really since she is a friend of a friend from another church and wow, I could go on and on but I'll wait. :o)

Everyone got pretty badly sunburned except for me, gotta love the olive skin, the kids had a blast, I got to listen to my husband give his testimony in front of over 70 people, we had the support of his brother Jay and his family and I had some of my friends there too which was just SO AMAZING! I love this life I have right now. It's late or I would get into a really great sermon Chris and I watched last night given by TD Jakes, one of our favorites that we dvr. He said some pretty heavy stuff about being "anointed", all new language to me, but tonight after Chris and I took the kids to the park at 7:00pm to visit our TBall coach (Coach Stacie) and pick up Adrianna's uniform for her first game tomorrow night, he asked if I felt like I have been "anointed" by God. It was a pretty neat conversation and we had quite a big moment, all I could think about was the story of Peter that Kyle spoke of on Sunday along with a very similar story TD Jakes told too and my mind is too all over the place to explain it right now. But let's just say I do understand how once you make a decision to live a certain way, experience life in a different way, you can't go back. If you continuously go back to that "empty" boat, you will get nothing but frustrated. Usually the only thing that makes you go back to "your boat" is fear, it's almost sort of a "safety net", a "safe place". But staying there is what keeps you from experiencing all that life has in store for you, all that God has in store for you.

Pretty impactful weekend to say the least, and believe it or not, we weren't in a church of over 100, listening to a band play a bunch of Christian music, all dressed to the nine, or anything like that...we were with our "family", celebrating Jesus in the way I think He intended it to be for us. We then had Jay and Ruth, Kyle and Erika and all the kids over for an Easter Ham! Everyone stayed over for a long time and we had the best, most unstressed Easter yet!

I know this post is all over the place, but most of you know me and understand that's how I work. :o) I am just so excited, the weeks are full, ESPECIALLY April, so I don't know how much blogging I'll get in so I just wanted to share the excitement and my thoughts while they were still fresh.
Here are a couple pics...
Don't you know that is the only picture I got of him?! Eating his chocolate bunny from his basket Easter Morning! I couldn't get a single pic!! He is ALWAYS on the move!
Sweet Little Maeve!
My gorgeous litte girl Preview Party Morning!
Baby Kat! I just love this little cutie!! She's always smiling at me!

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