Monday, April 28, 2008


I can't believe you're 2!!! This is the hardest birthday, just as it was for your seems like you are less and less like a baby and more and more like a big boy. :o(

I'm so proud of you, I love you spunky little attitude, I love your mischievousness, I admire your love of books and I admire your analytical little mind! You are so different from anything I've experienced before and you amaze me every day. Your sister is my creative, artsy drama queen princess with a brain to go with it and I adore her for that! You are my book loving, analytical little thinker that loves to always ham it up. You bring such joy to my life my little boy.... I thank God for you every day!

Love you "Poo-Poo"!!!

We had a GREAT day today so far! We started off this morning (after sleeping in until 8:30!!!!) with some of your favorite...Eggs in a Basket! I served them with two of your favorites, strawberry yogurt and bananas...yummy! Then we hung out at home for a bit, played some TeeBall outside while I made you a double layered peanut butter & chocolate filled cookie cake! My little cookie monster loves his cookies so what better cake than 2 GIANT cookies stuffed and topped with chocolate frosting?!?!?!? We brought that on over to our weekly Ladies Bible Talk session and after eating lunch over there at Ms. Jen's house(that lunch rocked Jen!), we had your cake with our friends and then came home to nap. Mommy is pooped and I have lots of planning to do this week for your Saturday Party so tonight is Pizza! I changed my menu plan for today because I'm tired. :o)

We will spend tonight just lovin' on you my sweet angel and I'm sure we will be continuing to read your new book (Thanks Sabrina!) over and over and OVER again. :o)

You already have a love for baseball...Daddy is so proud!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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