Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I just got home from a meeting with my friend Sarah, who is also the chairperson for Hutto's Relay for Life this year and my head is spinning. Not only is it spinning over the RFL stuff, but also over the Round Rock Area Serving Center, missing the first Bible Study with Resonate EVER, taking in all of the new friendships that are forming all around me, going on week 3 of walking with my friend Jen who lives around the corner (we ARE going to kick it up to a 1min jog/2min walk next week for sure!) LOL, going through my "Spring Organizing" lists, CVSing, and Oh So Much More! HA! At times I feel OVERWHELMED, but I LOVE it! I thrive off of it, isn't it sick!? I was determined to do laundry today, I never really let my laundry pile up more than two loads, most of my close friends know that about me, and I definitely don't let it sit out in baskets to wrinkle (then I'd have to iron and everyone knows I DESPISE that!) But I put it off today to hang out with Ruth, that totally was more fruitful than washing, oxycleaning, fabric softening, hanging and folding a bunch of lousy clothes! :o) My friend Sabrina also stopped by to give me a hostess gift for her shower on Sunday, and Im LOVIN' IT!!! I had a GREAT day today!!!!!!

Chris and Adrianna went to TBall since Christopher just wasn't having it today (2yr molars I think) and it was a good opportunity for Adrianna and Daddy time. So I played outside with my little man and then folded 1 load of laundry with him, he's such a cute little helper already. Socks entertain him for at least 15 minutes while I get everything else hung and folded, worked out great! I quickly squirted some of that Clorox toilet bowl cleaner while I put away laundry then used some Clorox wipes to clean the counter tops in the bathrooms, flushed the toilet and wa-la my bathrooms seemed clean... I felt like I accomplished more cleaning in 45 minutes than I could have done all day and wow that was awesome!

I printed up all my Target coupons and my CVS scenarios, paid my bills (never a fun task) and now I can dedicate the rest of the week to the to-do's of RFL, a playdate and a birthday party, oh yeah along with TWO more Tball games, don't get me started on their ridiculous schedule!

I am in a moment of such "THANKFULLNESS" right now! My life is so different today than it was a year and a half ago. I have moments when I questions things, moments of weakness, moments of envy, moments of doubt, but those things are what makes me REAL. I am weak, no matter how strong I like to portray and reading 2 Corinthians for my Ladies Discussion Group made me realize, it's okay, the weakness is what makes us "real" and relatable. That was the ONE word that Paul repeated over and over again, boy did I need to hear that and be reassured of that as well. The things that are happening right now could make me cry with joy which is why I haven't blogged in detail about stuff, there really isn't a need to...I'm living it with those around me . . . life is full.


Erika Sears said...

Okay- so I checked out those two sites today- they are the best that I have seen at laying out the Target and CVS scenarios without pages of stuff to read!

Thanks for sharing!:)

Betty @ On the Journey to Victory said...

What a blessing to read this post. My heart feels happy for you. :)