Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The House

Unpacking Update:

Kids rooms - setup and almost unpacked
Our Room - always left till last. :o)
Bathrooms - almost complete
Stockpile stuff - put away nice and neatly
Kitchen - First room finished of course!
Boxes - All broken down and in a neat pile in size order
Laundry - one load in the wash, one in the dryer - - hamper empty
Game Room - as good as it gets for now until we get stuff to fill it! Put old computer armoire in there for Adrianna's computer (our old one)
Backyard - moved in with a completely setup yard, watering it on Friday
Front Porch - Bistro Set setup and just watered the yard this morning.
Closet in Master - almost finished ----LOVE having shelves for my shoes!!!
Closet Downstairs under staircase - Will be the kids' craft/game closet. Set up shelves and put out all their games and our adult games, will work on the craft drawers in there tomorrow.

And that pretty much is where I'm at, Day 5. Baking Halloween cupcakes tomorrow - - - yummmmmm!

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