Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Walk to Remember

A play on the words, I know (love that book by the way)...anyway today was one of those moments I don't want to forget so I'm blogging about it. :o)

Erika and I are making the girls tutus for their witch costumes this year so we met up at Walmart to get the Tulle today. I asked to take Kylie with me so we could surprise Adrianna for early release day today. So, Kylie, Christopher and I walked to school and stood outside patiently awaiting her to come through those doors. The sight was ADORABLE! Kylie stood holding A's name sign thinking she wouldn't recognize her since her face was covered. :o) When Adrianna's name was called she came running to Kylie and they hugged as they jumped around in circles, so cute!!! Screaming, laughing, hugging, jumping, pure joy, absolute joy! They proceeded hand in hand walking in front of Christopher and I and I almost wanted to cry listening to them because it was so sweet, so special, so wonderful. All I could think about is hoping that they will be friends forever! I didn't have that moving around so much as a kid and one of my heart's desires is to give that to my children. Give them the stablility, planting our roots and growing with our small town surrounded by friends and family. Before I go totally off on a tangent, here was the sweetness I got to witness today. . .

A: Kyliiieeeeee! I'm SO happy you're walking with me!!!!!!!!
K: Me too Adriaaaaaaanna! Are you going to be nice to me? (as they hugged each other like crazy)
A: Yes Kylie (hugging some more of course, jumping up and down) I'm so happy your here!
K: I'm so happy you're going to be nice to me. :o)

Me: How was school today Adrianna?
A: It was good, but I got a yellow mark on my calendar today. (Then, I got dropped from the conversation as she turned to Kylie to talk about it)
K: What does a yellow mark mean Adrianna?
A: I wasn't following directions. I ran in the cafeteria.
K: Why did you run in the cafeteria?
A: I was running with my friends, and they got a yellow mark too. But I didn't get a red light, I was able to turn it around. I have to say sorry to my teacher tomorrow, that's what my mom says.
K: That's okay Adrianna, I did something bad too today. I put an adult strip on my stomach (A Crest Whitestrip is what she was referring to) and got in trouble so I will say sorry too.

Then they proceeded to talk about the ant piles, the weeds, pick a couple of flowers, sing and skip, well the best that they could (it was so cute). Adrianna led Kylie today, not typical. But she is older and has walked home with me already so she knew the way, knew how to stop at every crosswalk at our "Red Light Spots", knew to look both ways and proceed with caution. She has grown up so much since starting school and I'm totally amazed at how SMART she is! I was worried since she's quiet, but have realized I have NOTHING to worry about. :o)

As we walked home today, I felt like this was a gift for me. This was one of those moments I realized God was smiling down at me showing me how wonderful life is when you live in Him.

I'm tired as all heck today, but it was a GOOD DAY!!!! I'm looking forward to working on their tutus for their witch costumes this year...they're going to be SO CUTE!! Here are a couple pics from the past 2 halloweens:

Halloween 2006

Halloween 2007
Can't wait to see 2008! What big girls they are now!!!!!

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WHICH WICH/Red Ford Ventures said...

I love the way you express yourself on this blog!!! Thank you for taking the time EVERY SINGLE DAY, to be the best MOM you could be.

I know it VERY hard, and at times frustrating, but you do it so well.

Thanks Love