Sunday, October 19, 2008

Olde Tyme Days 2008

Another year of Olde Tyme Days, look at those beauties! Now, where are the pics of my handsome little man? Well, I FORGOT THE CAMERA!!!!! Chris left early to bring Christopher home for a nap and I went back and took the girls all around the street fair. They rode the ponies, sat on the HUGE live Longhorn, shared a funnel cake, played games and the most amazing part... ADRIANNA CLIMBED THE ROCK WALL!!!!!! She, Kylie and I were sitting down eating a funnel cake watching the big kids climb it and this was our conversation:

A: "Mommy, I want to climb that wall. Kylie, do you want to come too?"
K: "No way, that's too scary for me!"
Me: "Adrianna, I think you're too little to climb that giant 50ft wall! Let's just eat our funnel cake and watch."
A: "I don't want anymore funnel cake, I want to climb that giant wall"

So, I asked the guy and he said she could do it, just had to be 30 lbs. She ran over to him, stood still to get harnessed and up she went! She kept looking down at us waiving and grinning away. She climbed all the way to the top and then FREE FELL all the way down! She did it again and climbed down the second time. I WAS IN SHOCK! She LOVED it. My little ballerina/athlete..what a mix! :o)

We had an amazing day yesterday. Our church set up a table in the kids area. We had white tiles with outlines of hippos on them for the kids to color in and use as coasters or make into magnets. We went through two cases of them and had a blast! We were able to serve the community and have a family day all in one. It was great.

My little girl is growing up to be such a confident, strong and super smart little lady - - - I absolutely ADORE her! When I have my days that I feel like a sucky mom, days like yesterday show me we must be doing something right, she is amazing!

Today was spent hanging out at home with my beautiful family. Chris and I snuck out for a quick afternoon date consisting of lunch and Target and it was GREAT! Shopping with no kids, now that's F-U-N for sure, LOL.

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