Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I started reading a new Devotional Book, Praying for Purpose by Katie Brazelton this week and it has me thinking SO MUCH which is why I knew I needed to get this started! This book is great because it basically has a topic, a question for you regarding this topic and story about a regular person and a biblical story tying into it as well. Best Part? It's only 2-3 short pages a day....that's my kind of reading! LOL

First 3 Topics?
  1. Fear
  2. Consequence
  3. Perseverance
All things I TOTALLY connect with....I just can't wait to see where this book takes me...very excited!

It also got me thinking about my connection with other people. At different seasons in my life, I am closer to some people than others and vice versa, which I've come to feel okay with. There are those relationships that even if you don't speak for weeks or months, or even years, once you talk it's like you never stopped. The relationships that I have like that I've realized are the ones that THE OTHER PERSON shared their pain, their "junk" with ME. Everyone knows I pretty much tell you my whole life when I first meet you, bad thing to do? I don't believe it is. I truly believe it's a gift. It's one of my gifts and I will no longer feel bad about having the personality I have.

When you share a part of yourself with another person, and I'm not talking about just your favorite things or hobbies, I'm talking about the deep stuff . . . the stuff that makes you feel a little vulnerable to that other person, that is when you establish a connection to them, one that can't be broken. I have these connections with quite a few different friends and even when we have gone through different seasons, the connection is still there and always will be. It's not something I feel I have any control over.

I have a friend that I connected with on a deep level a few years ago, Amanda, and even though we have had a roller coaster of a relationship, there is just a connection there. Some will wonder why or how, but that doesn't really matter. We connected with each other through our pain. Childhoods were very simliar, personalities are identical, but the way we live our lives looks a little different which is why we don't see each other often or spend alot of time together, but that connection we have won't go matter how hard either one of us tried to make it go away.

Then there is my Kimmers, we connect on many levels, childhood, culture, personality, and have grown closer through our running together. I read an article about running partners and the relationship that develops during training is a connection that will never be broken. We both have questioned ourselves over the past year about whether we can do it and are running our first 1/2 marathon this weekend and training for our first full marathon in February. We push each other, motivate each other and do a whole lot of laughing and sharing on our long runs together. I adore her and dont' think I would be where I'm at on this journey if it weren't for her.

Then there is my friend Danielle, another amazing lady that I became friends with when I was 22 and why are we still friends even though we live in different states? Our connection. Our deep connection through our pain. She is totally opposite of me and even though she doesn't share all of her stuff with everyone, she did with me and through that we connected on a deep level...I feel safe with her and she feels the same way with me.

There are more friends I can write about of course and I'm thankful for every single one of you! My point here is that all it takes is letting that guard of yours down, open up and share that junk deep down inside of you....what comes from that is a connection like no other . . . a life long relationship! Regardless of your "personality" , I know there is someone out there you would like to be closer too and instead of waiting for them, go to them! We were created to be in relationship and there is NOTHING like a girlfriend!! Your husband can only be so much to you and spare him, he does NOT want to be your girlfriend...LOL! :o)

Happy Hump Day!


Amanda said...

Such a beautiful post! And for the record, sometimes Roller Coaster rides teach you how scared you really are. The thing I love about our friendship is that we keep getting back on the ride and learning from one another. People are usually too afraid to do that in life. I used to beat myself up for having ups and downs in some friendships. Now I know it is because I love and care so much. So roller coaster or not, we are strong GODLY women who live our lives with FORCE!

Gina said...

:o) Well said!