Saturday, October 2, 2010

Milestones over our First Decade of Marriage!

In honor of celebrating 10 years with my Handsome Groom, I'm going to try to pick just 10 milestones over the past 10 years....

#1)Took a chance and made a HUGE move to Austin, Texas!

July 2002

Adrianna Carmela 2.8.03
Christopher Anthony Alfio Jr. 4.28.06

Sofia Flora 7.6.09

#5) Bought our 1st House!

#6) Celebrated my 30th Birthday.
**don't have a pic!**
#7) Celebrated Chris's 40th Birthday with family and friends.
#8) Became connected to and enjoy serving our Community here in little ol' Hutto!
#9) Took our first big family vacation to Disney World!
October 2007

#10)Experienced a new level to our relationship, our "Spiritual" Connection. Focus on living our lives the way God intended us community, serving one another.

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