Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where it all started...

Oh the place where it all began!!! LMAO!!! He was the quiet, good boy, sweet boss, not the boss that went out drinking with employees like me after work! :o) I was the party girl that busted my butt at work and then went out and played just as hard. We were both in relationships that were not good for us. My boyfriend was cheating on me, Chris was very unhappy in his relationship and we were just friends. Seriously. Just Friends.

The story is a long one but I'll keep it short. Chris was that boss that just listened to you. He didn't try to fix your problems or judge you, just listen. I always found it easy to talk to him once I finally had a conversation with him. He was the "good boy" and I was the "bad girl". Not really a bad girl, but just all screwed up! I had daddy issues, all my boyfriends treated me badly, blah blah blah so in my early 20's I just rebelled, BIG TIME! I moved to Florida from Massachusetts when I turned 21, and wouldn't you know it Chris moved to Florida from New York 3 months before me. We both worked at Ruby Tuesday, but we didn't really "know" each other. Like I said, I did my thing and he wasn't into the kind of fun I was into AT ALL. LOL Plus he was 9 years older than me so we were definitely at different places in our lives.

My relationship at the time was falling apart (boy cheats on girl) and I was training to climb up the little old restaurant ladder and guess who my Trainer was...yep, Chris. We got to talk alot and eventually started talking on AOL (man that seems so old!), more on the computer than in person...he was shy. :o) Through those conversations we realized how much we had in common! Our lifestyles at the time were not the same, but our values were 100% on the mark! We were both the oldest of our siblings, both of our parents' marriages fell apart when we were 8, and we found out we were both New York Natives and Italian American (Half Sicilian too!LOL). I still remember feeling like fate was just banging down my door!

I remember just knowing he was the ONE. I thought about him 24/7 and then some. I no longer wanted to be in a drug or alcohol induced haze to numb anything...I wanted to feel the way I did...I felt alive! I truly was for the first time deeply, madly, crazy in love! He was everything I wanted, all I needed, the most perfect gift I had ever been given! Things moved so fast for us!! We went on a date to an adorable little Italian restuarant and he danced with me outside . . . just him and I . . . it was like a movie....FOR REAL! I never wanted to be away from him...our goodbyes lasted FOREVER!!! We were like teenagers....couldn't stop giggling and kissing and as soon as we would get back home we'd stay on the phone forever...even to the point of falling asleep on the phone. Oh he was the one. The one I dreamt about as a little girl...that knight in shining armour...yep...that was him!!

I was living with my sister at the time and remember going apartment hunting. Chris was helping me find a place of my own since I NEVER lived alone. Got kicked out of the house right after graduation and was forced to live with my boyfriend until I moved to Florida and then started dating serious boyfriend number two and moved in with him very quickly, then moved in with my sister when that relationship failed. I really did want to live on my own and see what it was like, but Chris made a good point... "Why live in separate places when you know we are never going to want to be apart." . . . so needless to say I moved in with him right away! :o)

That was March 1999. We were engaged in July 1999. Married in October 2000. Had our First beautiful baby girl in February 2003. What can I say? It was just RIGHT. We both knew it despite what other people said about us moving too fast, we wouldn't listen to them, we listened to our hearts.

Ahhh, so to keep with the "10" thing, I am thinking back on my 10 FAVORITE dishes at Ruby Tuesday! God knows I ate me LOTS of Rubys! :o)

  2. Sonora Chicken Pasta...mmmm!
  3. Spinach Dip was delish!
  4. Super Nachos were oh so good!
  5. Let's not forget the burgers...oh the burgers!
  6. Portabella Mushroom Sandwich
  7. LOVED the salad bar! YUM!
  8. The Turkey Burger, those onion strings! Oh My!
  9. White Chicken Chili, Broccoli Cheese Soup aka BCS! Whew!!!
  10. And we can't forget the Oreo Tallcake and The Blondie.....oh boy!
I'm hungry! LOL

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