Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Official!

The Christmas season has truly "OFFICIALLY" kicked off! Chris and I spent the past two days at Garden Ridge, Michael's AND Hobby Lobby. Yep, you read correctly my husband went WITH me to my "candy stores"! :o) It's the only time of year he initiates going to them, LOL He is probably MORE excited than I am to do the exterior lights. We dream of the house on the block 10 years from now that people drive from neighboring neighborhoods to come see. We add a little more every year and learn from mistakes from the previous year so we figure in about 10 years we will hopefully have perfected it.

We are TOTALLY that cheesy house with WAY too many lights, inflatables, plastic lawn figures, candy canes, and so much more . . . heck, the more the merry for us!!! Most adults would rather a simple, classy look but I swear we are just like big kids when it comes to decorating and the KIDS go crazy over the decorations. I remember last year my niece told me how cool our house looked. Nothing like the approval of a 4 year old! :o) Now Adrianna can't stop talking about it this year. It's so very exciting!!!!

Oh and what kicked off our season? WE PUT OUR TREE UP!!!!!! YAY!!! My mantle is decorated, stockings are hung and the tree is glowing... What a way to start my week!

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Sabrina said...

ok I thought it was just me who was nuts -we started decorating too today! No tree just yet but I can't wait to put it up!