Monday, November 12, 2007


Okay so TODAY was NOT the day for me to pull my back out!!!!! We spent the day yesterday pulling TONS OF CHRISTMAS decorations down from the attic and I was the one crunched up passing sterilites to Chris to bring down the ladder. Sure my back was sore last night when we were over his brothers watching the Giants/Cowboys game and it was still sore this morning when I woke up at 5:00! I ran out the door with the kids by 8:00 to get some printing items, decorations for Gift Donation Receptacles and the decor for the 15 $ donation jars to be delivered TODAY for the ORANGE SANTA KICKOFF that our church is sponsoring for the city! (Many more details to come, I'm SO excited about this!)

Welllllllll while pulling Christopher out of the car at Dollar General, I just about dropped him and instantly started to cry. And out of no where here pulls up Ruth on her way to the hair salon and she pulled in to see if I needed help! She was at the right place at the right time for me, that's for sure! I got everyone into the car and drove a couple blocks to Erika and Kyles going about 5 miles an hour not able to barely turn the wheel and Erika unloaded me and the kids onto her couch until Ruth left the salon to get us. This was just way too ridiculous and inconvenient for ME!! I had a TON to do!!!! Thankfully Erika put together all the jars, took over making dinner for a friend that is sick and I planned to double up on my dinner tonight for AND Ruth came over, picked us up and brought us home, putting Christopher down for a nap for me.

I got in touch with Chris who at the moment was running some errands and on his way back to the office to spend the next 5 hours doing Monday paperwork, but instead turned around and headed home for me with those AMAZING back patches, a bottle of advil and a gallon of milk for the kids! He made Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers and kept telling me he doesn't know how I do it by myself. (that put the biggest smile on my face, that's for sure!)

So, in spite of the agony I've been feeling, it was great to see everyone pull together to help me today! I can finally sit up for a short time and even walk around before having to slide back on the couch. "Gina" not able to run around like a nut getting things done . . . you KNOW that stresses me out beyond measure! LOL


Sabrina said...

ohh you poor thing! Can I do anything??? take Aleve it's the best foe back pain

Mama said...

yes, Alieve is the best!!!!!!!