Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I had a rough couple of days and was getting ready to make Baja Fish Tacos for dinner tonight when my friend Sabrina called asking if she could bring some dinner by on her way to the mall! I stopped what I was doing IMMEDIATELY when I heard her say Chicken Alfredo!!! She had NO idea that I was having a rough two days but just wanted to bring it "just because" . . . man am I lucky!!!!

OH AND THE ALFREDO.........THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! And that's alot coming from an Italian! :o) She even brought it by on a gorgeous platter, garnished with fresh rosemary....man! The presentation alone was to die for, never mind the aroma of fresh shredded cheese, bacon and roasted chicken...OH MY GOODNESS! I grabbed a fork and dug in immediately without even getting a plate waiting for Chris to walk in the door!!! I feel 10 pounds heavier already. LOL

This woman has the heart of an angel! She is wonderful and so very giving to the people in her life. The lady bakes her own bread, cooks gourmet meals, and can bake like Betty Crocker! It's no wonder the American men have a thing for the Irish women, their accent alone is enough to swipe up a guy in a second. We went to her daughter's 2nd Birthday party on Saturday and I got to meet her cousin from Ireland and his accent is just as "lovely". I loved to listen to their lingo, especially the way they use the words lovely and grande...it's so great!

I just KNOW we are going to be friends for a long time. We come from the same type of culture and that's very hard to find, especially since Chris and I moved here to Texas. Sure you can find people with the same values as you which we are so fortunate to have found, but to find people who curse like it's nothing, realize the importance of having your house in order and lip gloss put on 15 minutes before your husband is about to walk in the door, submitting to him and respecting him first and foremost, understanding the importance of traditions that have been carried on for generations and having the desire to make sure your children are cultured in Arts, Music, Film, even if you have a BOY! :o) AND DON'T JUDGE YOU, well that's pretty awesome to say the least! Don't get me wrong, I've met quite a few people who do all of those things I just mentioned and they are all dear friends of ours.

I just wanted to brag on my friend Sabrina for a bit, because I'm on a cholesterol, fat high right now and AM LOVING IT!


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Sabrina said...

oh I am in tears - what a lovely opinion you have of me. I am not sure it's true but I really appreciate you saying it!