Monday, December 10, 2007

Our First Christmas Party!

This weekend was full of birthday parties ( a close friend and Chris's brother Jay), fattening food, a block party, and an awesome Resonate Community Christmas Party! We had alot of fun yesterday. I totally have to share it....

We started by dropping the kids off at Kyle and Erika's for childcare with two of the sweetest teenagers you could ask for. Those two girls watched 5 kids under the age of 5! Oh and just wait till the end of the details for the GRAND FINALE! LOL

We headed on over to Chili's with our friends at a huge table laughing, eating, story telling and all WITHOUT KIDS!!!! Usually everything we do that is church oriented has the kids right there with us, distracting us mostly, bless their little hearts, BUT we can't have REAL conversation and last night it was SO wonderful to actually talk about US and not being centered around kids, which most of us parents well, just can't help of course! So, dinner was awesome and we then went over to Brandon and Cindy's while another one of our couple friends joined us over there for some WONDERFUL DESSERT and a gift card exchange. It was so much fun, I can't wait to spend my Amazon GC! Cindy baked the most DELICIOUS Boston Creme Pie, little did she know it's one of my FAVORITES!! She also made a yummy spice cake and TRUFFLES! Can you believe it, TRUFFLES!!!! I was in heaven, and the girl never even talks about her baking, she has some hidden talents there that she's been keeping secret!!! (You have to watch out for the quiet ones, LOL) I was too full to devour them and couldn't stop drinking the home made eggnog our friends Jon and Sabrina brought over, so luckily we will have them at our team meeting tomorrow so I can continue to pack on the pounds. :)

Last night was a wonderful relaxing way to end one week and prepare us for the crazy two weeks to come. Orange Santa will be very time consuming this week, but will be the best payoff when we are giving out gifts next week, My sister will be giving me a pedicure and fake nails this time next week (she doesn't know that yet) and I will be getting ready to do the shopping for all the fish we will eat on Christmas Eve!

Oh before I get off track, the most AMAZING part of last night?????? ALL 5 KIDS WERE ASLEEP ON SLEEPING BAGS WHEN WE GOT THERE AT 9:30!!!!! I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!!! It was hilarious and we know who needs to be watching our little ones a little more often!

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