Sunday, December 23, 2007

You've Gotta be KIDDING ME!!!

THE STOMACH VIRUS HAS HIT US ALL!!! Not even a joke! Chris was sick all last week and it's just tapering off, my sister was up all night puking and today I feel HORRIBLE! We had to reschedule dinner for next weekend, I spent the morning dragging my feet through HEB getting odds and ends for Christmas Eve and the Ham and sides/desserts for Christmas Day. Not fun. Thank goodness my mother in law is here helping out and will totally do most of the cooking along with Chris since he's getting back to normal. It just bums me out! BUT the most important thing is that we are all together and I finally get to spend a Christmas with my sister!!!! :)

Presents will get wrapped (somehow) desserts will be prepared (doing fudge and canolis, super easy) and everyone else will help with all the other details. I'm going to enjoy lounging in my pjs, napping when I can, filling up on hot peppermint tea and chicken soup and feeling comfort in remembering what Christmas is REALLY about. We've been watching all the traditional Christmas movies, rented The Santa Clause 3, lit the fire place and I haven't worried once about how the kids are dressed, how my house looks or how it's all going to fall into place . . . I just know it will! :)



Cindy said...

OMG! Peyton woke up throwing up this morning as well. She started feeling better around noon...just slept alot today. All of our family is here already and I'm praying no one else gets it the next few days! Hope you are feeling better!

Sabrina said...

Hope you guys are ok. We met Chris in Walmart yesterday and he said you were dragging. Poor baby!!