Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014/2015 Curriculum

I  *heart*  Curriculum!

I am beyond excited to start this school year!!!  Our family had a heck of a start at homeschooling!  Pulling the kids out of public school mid year in the 2012/2013 school year, leaving our church, losing our friends, mom getting sick, husband traveled more, AND I was babysitting to make extra money......HOLY COW HOW DID I DO THAT???!!!??!!??!!

It's a reminder that when the going gets tough, the tough get going!  I always have and always will "do what it takes" to make it through and come out of it smiling (and stronger/better than before!).  I can't believe I'll be teaching a Kindergartener (weep), a Third Grader (what??!!) and hold on......A 6H GRADE MIDDLE SCHOOLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister in law posted a quote about giving your kids strong roots to grow and wings to fly.....I couldn't agree more and am SO thankful I get to spend every day with them, watering and nurturing those roots for they day they are ready to fly!

I have learned A TON over the past year and a half and am thankful I didn't quit (oh, believe me, I had my moments).  We are ALL excited about the new year and lots of new curriculum!  Here's what we have.....


Math - Teaching Textbooks ( She LOVES it and math has become her favorite subject because of it!)
Saxon 6/5 (supplementing with it this year to test the waters)

Editor in Chief Extra Grammar practice with editing
Dr. DooRiddles Spelling Reinforcement

U.S. President Study 

Geography: U.S. States & Capitals

Rosetta Stone Spanish 1

Using the S.Q.U.I.L.T method with the study.


Math: Teaching Textbooks
Saxon 3

L/A:  Easy Grammar 3
Daily Grams
Cursive Writing

U.S. President Study 

Geography: U.S. States & Capitals

Rosetta Stone Spanish 1

Using the S.Q.U.I.L.T method with the study.


Saxon Math Kinder
Saxon Phonics Kinder
Handwriting Without Tears
Explode the Code

She will also sit in on group work with the option to go play with Nana instead. LOL

Aaaaaannndddd.....there you have it!  I feel really REALLY good about our curriculum choices this year!  I've had the past year to get lots of insight to where my oldest had some crucial parts of her foundation missing which I know the Phonics Intervention will help and be great for her!  The other two I got early on and feel strongly in the choices for the type of learners they are.  We are going to try to work our school day a little differently than we have done in the past.  We ALL have a fresh start beginning next Monday and MAMA LOVES A FRESH, CLEAN SLATE!  

I'll tackle Christopher and Sofia with their "Teacher-led" learning early in the morning since Anna sleeps a little later.  We will hit the YMCA in the morning during "snack time" for them and workout time for ME!  After that, I will sit with Anna for her "Teacher-led" time and the littles will work independently and/or read to and work with Nana.  We will wrap up our days with group work and chores before dinner and Swim Practice!

I sit here, filled with gratitude for the opportunity to homeschool and be with my children each and every day.  While some think it's crazy and couldn't imagine having their kids with them 24/7, I couldn't imagine life any other way now!

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Family Man said...

I love your hard work, your dedication and all that you do for our family. You are a champion in my book. Thank you Thank you Thank you