Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Power in Words

If I can teach my children one thing besides loving themselves is to LOVE, ENCOURAGE, and BUILD each other up  My hope is that they live a life in a constant state of action and being, NOT "reaction"....if that makes sense.  I pray they feel and recognize how valued they are, how important and necessary their existence is to all of those around them.

The world NEEDS them.

It is so so SO easy to live life feeling less than, feeling insecure, withholding love, passion, and your words from others, closing yourself in.  Why IS that????!!!!  I am so thankful that I surround myself with people that celebrate and encourage me.  It fuels me to be THAT person to others, not just my husband and children.  I had a Facebook friend comment on this picture (those that really know me know that I do NOT think I'm photogenic) that I felt really pretty in, and it CHANGED my thinking yesterday.  Her words fueled me. They made me feel confident. She didn't have to say it, but she felt it and said it and it was JUST what I needed to hear.  Your words can be EXACTLY what someone needs to get through "that" moment, or it may be the encouragement they needed to "Do THAT thing"!  So instead of reacting out of a negative place, rolling your eyes at the Facebook post, or gossiping about that "friend" on Facebook, why not try leaving a comment using words to build them up, support them, encourage them?  I mean after all, it is Social Media....try to be "social" and not passive aggressive.  God knows we have to fight enough demons inside of us all, why add fuel to the fire?

Food for thought.

You are a wonderful example of a dedicated mama! I enjoy seeing your posts on schooling, fitness, and nutrition. And you sure are pretty! 

I mean could THAT comment not turn your entire day around after a broken car, a $900 auto bill, a period from hell, and 2 sleepless nights due to anxiety??!!

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