Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 3

The pics look FAB, don't they??!!!  Read on after the pics, LOL

My sweetheart created our school flag!  We learned about flags and symbols so he chose 3 stripes (3 kids) in each of their favorite colors and a heart in the middle since he said that's the reason I teach them....LOVE.

Sweetest, most loving child EVER!!!!

Anna surprised us all with notes on Day 2!

What homeschooler doesn't school in pjs??!!

Bacon Stuffed Pancakes. (Anna sent me the pin for them of course!!)

First Day of School Breakfast with the Pencil cake that BROKE IN TWO PLACES at 11pm the night before, LOL....they still said it was the best cake idea ever!

We are on Day 3 and after our first Reader's Workshop at our little town library with our Homeschool Group, we were ALL EXHAUSTED!!!!  Needless to say, we came home, did phonics and took a little siesta!  Homeschooling is hard work! LOL  I was laying in bed thinking about how much my journey has changed from Day 1 in January of 2013 to Day 3 of our 2014-2015 School year.  I have learned to not be "so uptight" and how to "go with the flow" more.  I've learned each day is NOT going to go as planned, hell, some days we need to toss "school" out the window for fun. THAT'S OKAY!!!

I had some wonderful women encourage, support and teach me back in the beginning ... Amy was my saving grace back then, teaching me SO much.  I was exposed to so many different backgrounds, HS views, knowledge and curriculum through a group I joined (RRHome) and it was crucial that I had that support from all the wonderful ladies I met through the group when I first started.  After I got my "feet wet" and plugged into a Homeschool group here in town (Homeschool Hippos, yay!) and started attending some meetings, I met Jessica!!  Talk about an entire new view on educating your children....she was JUST. WHAT. I. NEEDED. at JUST the right time.  She has shown me another side to this homeschooling gig!  I have become softer, more flexible, but most importantly, MORE CONFIDENT.  I *so* have this!  

I am capable.

I am smart.

I am determined.

I LOVE my kids.

Kids love to learn.

Enough said.

So here's to year #2.  May I grow wiser and more confident as each day passes along.

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