Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Adrianna Carmela

My Dear, AMAZING daughter...

I ADORE YOU!!  I wish I was the 11 year old waaaay back then that YOU are now.  You AMAZE me!  You are smart, observant, patient, thoughtful, creative, and resourceful.  Half of those qualities come from your father, half from me.  Guess which ones are from me, LOL.  You were a gift sent to me from God.  I didn't think I was EVER going to have a baby after my first miscarriage, but he sent YOU, beautiful, perfect YOU.  You will read this some day and since I tell you every year about your birth story, this post is not about that!  LOL

You were the easiest baby....slept through the night at 3 days old, hardly ever fussed, and was (well, still are) by far, the CUDDLER of the 3 kids.  You NEVER slept in your crib, only wanted to sleep in my bed next to your father, me, or Grandma.  I remember our saving grace was getting that foam Dora bed that you would nap on. LOL  Why we even bought a crib is beyond me...hahaha

THOSE EYES.... the UPS guy used to come and tell Grandma every time, "Oh those eyes"  (and yes, you were terrified of strangers, especially me, ha!)

I have learned SO VERY MUCH about who I am by WHO YOU ARE.  You complement me in many of the ways your father does, but in such a FUN way.  :)  As you are maturing and turning into the "YOU" that you were meant to be, I am in awe.   I mean, really, WOW, you are AWESOME!!!  

YOU are the reason I decided to homeschool our family.  YOU bring out the best in ME.  See, I told you that you were awesome!!!  YOU make me AWESOME. 

This brings me to the next part, oh how I LOVE that this has been all over Facebook. Moms all over have been posting and tagging each other....


Now, fortunate for me, YOU ARE AN ANGEL "so far" but I know hormones and I know my little "la la land" can disappear in the blink of an eye, LOL.  

If I can do one thing "right" in life, it's to raise you, your brother and your sister to be kind, loving, and giving individuals.  I want you to ALWAYS to feel that you have a mom that adores you, trusts you, motivates you, believes in you, will fight for you, and ALWAYS have a place for you to come "home" to when the world seems just TOO much and you need a break to recharge.  I. WILL. BE. THAT. MOM.

Yes, I go overboard with some things that fellow moms roll there eyes over, but I know you LOVE.  I overextend at times, but when I see how you respond, it makes it 100x worth it.  I, at times, don't feel "good enough" but you are the one that whispers in my ear how beautiful and perfect I am.  Our relationship is something I DREAMED of as a little girl and I have it with you......so THANK YOU my love.  Again, I adore you!

You are beginning to change.  You are leaving early adolescence and entering the tween stage.  How is that possible???? I remember buying you this book last year to introduce you to all the things I had NO idea about at your age.....

And today, you are finishing your second "Cycle" of Womanhood.  I heard the stories, I was afraid of the backlash, but again, you surprised me.  You are so loving, so compassionate.  You feel like you are now "more like me", and sweetie, you are.  I need you.  I can't imagine life without you.  You are a constant reminder to slow down and be still.  You encourage me in the areas that as even a 38 year old woman I still feel insecure in.  You make me truly BELIEVE I'm awesome!  You make me feel special.  Even when you have cramps, are crying at the drop of the dime, you want ME.  I can NOT tell you what that means to me. Again, I ADORE YOU.

I know I go "over the top" at times, but hey, I'm passionate.....you GET THAT FROM ME..... 
Your "Hello Period, I'm not scared, I'm prepared" kit.

I knew the time was coming and I wanted for you what I never got. Yes, I went overboard with a special box including everything I could think of including Therma Care patches and a heating pad, LOL.....again, I go overboard ALL.THE.TIME. but hope you understand someday it's my way of showing how much I love you.  God knows I had NO idea what to do when I first got my period.....hahahaha....I opened the boxes, read the directions and that was about it. You are growing up in a different time than I did.  Hell, by the time your child has her period there will probably be some laser treatment for cramps, or maybe even a pill that will make cramps completely disappear....WOULDN'T THAT BE NICE?!?!?!?!

Yes, I made you go to a birthday party on the second day of your first period and you were nervous.......hahahahaha....those games at the wonderful Chuck E. Cheese kept your mind occupied though, right??????

I hope you look back on your "first period" as a memorable one......pedicures, chocolate cake baked by mama, a treat basket and all the goods you needed.  You blew my mind how "excited" you were.  I think you realized, felt, and accepted, you were entering a new stage of life.  You weren't scared, how is that?  You are my cautious child, not my risk taker, yet you approach situations like you've thought them through already and "got this"......maybe that's the key to success for you.  Give you the information first ( I did with the Care and Keeping of You American Girl Book last year) and then once you feel you have the information you need, knowing the support you have, NO WORRIES.

WOW, just when I think I don't know what I'm doing with this whole "parenting thing" you encourage me and make me feel like a ROCKSTAR!!!!!




My silly Middle Schooler

My baker

You LOVE to have fun!

My Cuddle Bug!

My fashionista!

My Athlete!

The very BEST parts of me!

The BEST gift I could have been given to heal ALL of my childhood pain, is a DAUGHTER!  Thank you my SWEET DAUGHTER for being YOU, marvelous YOU!!!



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